Drug Cartel Victims


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3654   2 months ago
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3654   2 months ago
In images released by the residents, it was recorded that the six victims were murdered around the Tacoma truck, black in color and without license plates.

Likewise, black suitcases were also abandoned on the road.

"Yes they were military, look," said a woman who made a video of the mass murder.

In another recording, a subject also appears meters ahead lying on the road, next to a motorcycle.

However, the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) assured that there were only six deaths left by the attack on the road section of the Ampliación San Francisco community.

"After learning of the criminal news, the Inter-Institutional Group headed by the FGE, in coordination with elements of the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena) and the State Preventive Police, went to the scene of the events in order to carry out the removal of the bodies to carry out the legal necropsy applying the protocol of unidentified corpses", it was officially explained.

"In the last few hours, drivers of public transport routes reported the criminal news, stating that on the Chicomuselo - Siltepec highway section, at the height of the Ampliación San Francisco community, Siltepec municipality, were the lifeless bodies of six men inside and outside a Toyota brand vehicle, Tacoma type, black, with firearm projectile impacts".

Subsequently, in a video recorded by the hitmen, it was observed that they stripped the dead of bulletproof vests and weapons, presumably also members of a rival group.

"Take off his vests, take off his vests, fucking assholes, they're worth it. That's going to be ours, eh."

According to local reports, highway blockades are reported in the area as well as the mobilization of armed individuals due to a criminal dispute between members of the Sinaloa Cartel against those of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Carte.
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