Pedestrian Hit On Sidewalk By Truck


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739   3 months ago
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739   3 months ago
A security camera that is in Ladeira do Bambuí, in São Caetano, recorded the moment when the truck goes down the reverse road and hits Anderson Conceição dos Santos, who was on the sidewalk. The image confirms the residents' version that he tried to hide behind the pole.

The equipment, however, could not withstand the impact of the crash and ended up crushing Anderson, who died instantly. The accident happened around 5:30 a.m., the time Anderson had a habit of going to buy bread.

Jairo Pinho Rosa, owner of the bakery, says that since the establishment began to operate, Anderson would go early to buy bread. "Before he opened the bakery, he had been there for about 5:20 a.m. several years ago. The car lost control, he saw it and got out, but then it came back and by then it was very close. Unfortunately, this fatality happened," he lamented.
In the video, you can see Anderson leaning against the pole, watching the movement of the slope. Some cars are standing still, trying to climb up.

Then the truck appears coming down aft and hits the pole where Anderson was.
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