Mother Confronts Tier Two Registered Sex Offender For Allegedly Filming Her 16-Year-old Daughter In A Target Store

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“You took a video. Show it to me… That's my daughter, take it off your phone…That's disgusting”

The mother said she saw several videos of other girls on his phone and tried to grab it, but he pushed her arm and walked away.

'It's not that he was just recording people, he's recording her inappropriately, and he's zooming in on body parts of her.' 

Rossford police showed up they told the mother ‘There's definitely some concerns there, but unfortunately, that individual wasn't breaking any laws’

Police pulled him over for a traffic violation shortly after and questioned him about the incident. 

‘Why are you signing out of your Apple ID?’ 

He offered to show the police his phone, but then claimed he couldn't open it because he forgot his password. Mullholland was let go with just a traffic warning.