Suspect Who Fired Multiple Shots Inside Georgetown Kroger Identified As Richard Klaff

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 Shooting happened at the Kroger on East State Boulevard in FORT WAYNE, Indiana.

Man lights a cigar and looks around the store for 'someone good' to shoot during a live stream. Richard Klaff, 20, live-streamed the shooting on at a Kroger.

'I'm gonna shoot 11 people... watch'

'Which one am I gonna choose? Let me find someone good real quick, I ain't gonna kill no old-a** man,' he said.

Klaff eventually spotted a woman 'Oh yeah, I see one, I see one,' he said —- He fired six rounds at her, but missed, and no one was injured.

He then fled the store and was arrested in another store nearby soon after.

Klaff was charged with three counts of attempted murder and one count of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon and locked up in the Allen County Jail.