Police Refuse To Arrest Homeless Man Who Attacked Woman. LA, USA

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 The family of a partially blind woman left brain dead after an attack by a homeless man says the police didn’t want to arrest him; He was only charged with a misdemeanor and then released.

Maria Guadelupe Vargas, who is partially blind, fell and hit her head while trying to help Rangel Hernandez during an attack by a homeless man.

Rangel Hernandez was in the drive-thru of McDonald's when the homeless man began hitting him through his open window. Rangel Hernandez got out of the car to defend himself.

“The man bumped her with his body and dropped her and she hit her head bc of that she had heart attack”

Vargas was released from the hospital after a week but readmitted due to declining health.

Rangel Hernandez said doctors told him his wife of 30 years no longer has brain activity.