Indiana Man Shoots At Naked Attacker

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WTWO has obtained stunning video of a Vigo County man getting hit by a car late Saturday night in what investigators describe as an attempted murder. 

The incident happened around 10 p.m. in Candlewood Circle. Ring camera footage from the victim shows the man arriving in his driveway when he notices a red truck following him out in the street. That truck was driven by Dustin L. Roecker, a 35-year-old man from Bloomington, Vigo County Sheriff’s officials said. 

Roecker suddenly speeds directly at the victim, crashing into him and his vehicle. The victim jumped as the truck approached him, firing about 10 shots into the truck. Roecker, who was naked, leaped out of the window of his truck before he ran away. 

A short time later, deputies said Roecker stole a nearby vehicle before engaging Indiana State Police in a chase. Roecker was eventually caught in Sullivan County and was taken to a hospital for treatment, including gunshot wounds. 

Roecker was charged with attempted murder, auto theft, criminal recklessness, and resisting law enforcement. 

The victim told WTWO he is currently recovering from his injuries.