Mother Launches Lawsuit After Her Son's Elementary School Teacher Organized A Fight Club In The Classroom

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Teacher Julious Johnican is accused of organizing a fight club in class with 7-year-olds.

In the video, a student can be seen beating up another student with special needs. The "fight club" reportedly went on for months in the 2nd grade classroom.

The student in the lawsuit, identified as O.D., was "physically assaulted" and was held down by Johnican as he was beaten.

Johnican made "continuous threats" to the boy. A teacher working with Mr. Johnican reportedly told the special needs student he was "demon possessed."

After getting gaslit by the teacher while confronting them on the alleged abuse, Johnican accidentally showed her video of the fight on his phone.

While trying to show her a video of "classroom environment" Johnican "began showing the wrong video" of their "child being attacked."