Stabber Of Wife Gunned Down By California Officers

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The Stockton Police Department released body worn camera video Tuesday night of an officer shooting 37-year-old Robert Anthony Cruz, the man accused of stabbing his wife in February.

According to police, two officers were called to the 1500 block of East Eleventh Street after 9 a.m. Saturday. Dispatchers said that someone reported that their parents were in an argument and that her dad was going to stab their mom.

The video includes the 911 call before officers arrived on scene — the caller says a girl ran up to her and told her "her mother is getting stabbed by her dad."

The door opens and a blood covered arm sticks out and the officer pushes it open. The door opens to show Cruz standing over a woman covered in blood. The officer orders Cruz to get on the ground and the video shows Cruz stand to his feet and pick up a green kitchen knife.

The video shows the woman crawl out of the apartment and Cruz trying to stab her in the back.

Sonke shoots at Cruz twice and the video shows him grab the woman and telling the officer to shoot him again.

Cruz stands up and Sonke shoots him again as the woman crawls toward Sonke.

Police say five children were unharmed and taken from the residence. Both Cruz and the woman were taken to the hospital. Cruz had critical injuries and his condition was not updated in the video. The woman has since been released from the hospital. No officers were injured.