Dancer Carrying Massive Flag Gets Fatally Zapped When Flag Touches Power Line

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Death broke out in the color of Phagotsav on Saturday night in Shyampura village of Sikar district of Rajasthan. Here an artist died a painful death due to electrocution while dancing. This artist was giving a dance performance with a long flag on his head. Meanwhile, while dancing, the pipe of the flag touched the 11 thousand high tension line passing above. Due to this, the artist died on the spot due to electric shock. The doctors declared him dead as soon as he was taken to the hospital. The deceased was 24-year-old Ravidranath, a resident of Padukalan Dhandhalas Uda, Nagaur.

It must have been obvious to many people that there could be a problem, why didn't anyone step in earlier?
They like a good show...