Police Opened A Criminal Case Into The Abuse Of A Teenage Girl

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On the afternoon of March 19, 2024, police officer No. 110 of the Xining Public Security Bureau stated that many reports had been received and the criminal police had intervened in the investigation. Local police said that after discovering the video content while working on March 7, they quickly conducted an investigation and all those involved in the case were brought under control that day.

In response, the Chengbei Branch of the Xining Public Security Bureau, Qinghai Province, issued a police information report on March 20, saying that on March 7, the Chengbei Branch of the Xining Public Security Bureau discovered a video of someone being beaten being circulated on the Internet. The Internet worked immediately. All those involved were arrested on the same day. Currently, criminal coercive measures have been applied to the main suspects in this case, and the case is under further investigation.