Failed Suicide Attempt In India

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Just in front of the RPF post on platform number one of Ambala Cantonment Railway Station, a young man immediately climbed the OHE (over head wire) pole of the train. As soon as the passengers and RPF post employees saw him at around 5 pm on Monday evening, they asked the young man to get down. But within no time the young man ignored everyone and hung himself on the pole and got hit by OHE.

With loud bangs the young man fell on the railway track in a burnt state. The burnt youth was identified as 18-year-old Rohit, resident of Champa village of Janjgir district of Chhattisgarh. Immediately the RPF personnel called the railway doctor and got the youth admitted to the Cantonment Civil Hospital for treatment, from where the doctor referred him to Chandigarh PGI after first aid.

The doctor told that Rohit's entire body was burnt. Apart from having a fracture in one leg, there were also four stitches at one place on the face. In view of his deteriorating condition he was referred. On the other hand, many passengers captured this incident in their mobile phones. Now this video is viral on social media.
Rohit was expelled from Chhattisgarh two days ago citing work reasons.
Uncle Gajanand Verma told that Rohit has two brothers and sisters. His father has also passed away. Just two days ago, Rohit had left Chhattisgarh with his friends saying that he was going to work. Uncle told that on Monday afternoon Rohit had called from someone's mobile and told that he had run out of money. Send Rs 200 online to this number. Meanwhile sent Rs 200. At that time it was not known that Rohit was in Ambala. Rohit had also told that he has left two friends behind. In the evening, information was received from the police that he had become a victim of an accident.
A young man had climbed onto the OHE. As soon as the information was received, the OHE wires were switched off but the young man had already jumped over them. After calling the doctor, he was sent to the Cantonment Civil Hospital for treatment. Gauri Shankar, ASM, Cantonment Railway Station.