Law Student Commits Suicide After Killing Female Fellow In Hyderabad

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In a shocking incident, a law student committed suicide after killing his female fellow and injuring her brother in Hyderabad's Qasimabad. 

The suspect, Arshad Khokhar, shot and killed the law student Yusra and then shot himself. The firing resulted in the injury of the student's brother, Akash.

According to the police, Yusra was going to college with her brother on a motorcycle when the suspect, Arshad Khokhar, stopped them with his car and fired at them, resulting in the death of Yusra and severe injuries to her brother.

According to the police, the injured Akash Pathan was transferred to the Civil Hospital Hyderabad, while the body of the student was also transferred to the hospital. The police said they are investigating the cause behind the incident. 

This incident highlights the tragic consequences of violence and underscores the importance of ensuring safety and security in communities. It's a stark reminder of the need for effective law enforcement and measures to prevent such heinous crimes from occurring in the future.