A Young Man Became Jealous Of A 17-Year-old Girl, Strangled Her - Folded Her Body In Half, Tied Her Up And Threw Her ...

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Voronezh, Russia

The massacre took place in a rented apartment where Angelina, who came to Voronezh from the Tula region, lived. According to preliminary data, her friend, 28-year-old Mark, came to her on that fateful day. The couple had a big fight. The young man attacked the unfortunate woman and killed her. At the crime scene, investigators found washed-out traces of blood and the victim’s passport.

Shocked eyewitnesses discovered a mutilated body in a large bag near the landfill - there were bags on the legs and head, the body itself was folded in half and tied with rope.

A criminal case has been initiated under the article "Murder". The villain faces 15 years in prison.